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Frame This Oracle

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Coming Soon from Juno...

Illustrated by Dan Goodfellow

Frame This Oracle:

A Tool to Deepen Your Card Readings and Reframe Your Perspective

You may not realize it, but you are a Frame, a divine window...

...one unique and never-to-be-repeated embodiment of being. Frame this Oracle is a practical spiritual tool unlike any other, deliberately and carefully crafted to help you see yourself, your life, those around you, your tarot and oracle card readings, and existence itself more clearly. Frame This Oracle contains physical visual representations of the 25 Frames that shape our lives while incarnated into a physical body. Much more a metaphysical instrument of discovery than a predictive one (although the more you see accurately the greater your ability to predict), Frame This Oracle is a medium of communication: to hear your own and other voices or messages, as well as transform your ability to sense and receive. Work with Frame This Oracle to hone your untapped skills of perception and see more than you’ve ever imagined.

Frame This Oracle will be released in 2024!

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