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Rose and Juno

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All we mortals are fools…fools of infinite possibility…stories still being told…myths made flesh.

This website is for people honest enough to admit their foolishness (and not take themselves too seriously), a resource for those willing to question themselves, their suppositions, and their assumptions today…to forge a better tomorrow.

Why Rose Guildenstern? Why Juno Lucina? Why fiction AND cartomancy? And why not choose one moniker?

Well, people prefer different ways to truth…

Two roads into the woods of truth diverged to create novelist Rose Guildenstern and cartomancer Juno Lucina.

For truth through fiction, my name is Rose Guildenstern...

As Rose, I’d like to welcome you to my little corner of the worldwide spider’s web. I’d love to tell you about all the wonderful, wacky (and generally unsettling) worlds that inhabit my imagination. 

Rose writes novels: Disturbing novels. Insidious novels. Novels that bump round in your head and soul into the middle of the night, making you doubt everything but wish to live life more fully.

I’m thrilled to share with you my award-winning debut, Iago’s Penumbra: A Metaphysical Novel, published by the REDFeather MBS imprint of Schiffer Books. Rooted in the works of William Shakespeare, Iago’s Penumbra is a metaphysical novel about love and the darkness that redeems us — a retelling of chilling lies to scare us so that we, at last, perchance stop lying to ourselves. 

I’m about halfway through bleeding out my second novel, a genre-bending metaphysical dystopia. There’s a trilogy in the works as well, but you’ll have to wait a while to be provoked by this trinity.

Of course, sometimes a Rose by any other name will smell as sweet,

and so as Rose I dabbled in creating a major arcana tarot deck based on my novel, entitled 

Iago’s Penumbra Tarot.  (Available for purchase in my Etsy Shop or for FREE digital online readings via my Email Subscriber Gift: Iago’s Arcana.)

For truth through cartomancy, call me Juno Lucina...

Juno is known for two award-winning tarot decks The Healing Tarot and The Kingdom Within Tarot along with a comprehensive tarot book The Alchemy of Tarot, all published by REDFeather/Schiffer.

I’m also thrilled to share my newest cartomancy deck with you:

Frame This Oracle

~A Tool to Deepen Your Card Readings and Reframe Your Perspective~

(To be released later this year October 28, 2024 by REDFeather/Schiffer!)

Whether you prefer to find your truth in stories or in the cards, pick the persona you prefer. 

Let’s craft lives worth living…together.

And beware: the things I write might just change your world.