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Rose writes metaphysical fiction teetering on the edge between eerie and enlightening to inspire you as we craft lives worth living...together. This genre is growing because there is an urgent need in the world for a fiction category that helps readers explore spiritual ideas and concepts not just rationally—as one might through a non-fiction book—but emotionally and experientially. In a metaphysical/visionary novel, you don’t simply learn about deeper spiritual truths, but you feel them unfolding through the power of story on a gut level, experiencing them vicariously through the eyes of an engaging cast of characters from the safety of your own armchair so that you can apply them to your life as you wish.

Unwilling to settle for either/or... university, Rose majored in Theatre Arts, English, Biblical Studies, and Wonder (in which she did all her postdoctoral work). An armchair philosopher and former high school teacher, at mid-life she journeyed with her family (and French bulldog) from the deserts and earthquakes of California and into the woods and thunderstorms of Pennsylvania and Connecticut where anything can happen (and probably does). In her opinion, change is what keeps life enthralling, and a good book makes life worth living.

Why the pen name "Rose Guildenstern," you ask? Rose as in Juliet's immortalized line, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," of course, but even more a reference to Tom Stoppard's play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead," about the most inconsequential characters in Shakespeare's own "Hamlet"--for it is not the author's name or identity that matters a whit, but only the meaning and the work itself that is remotely worthy of note.

Rose's debut novel, Iago’s Penumbra, is an award-winning modern treatise on love and the darkness that redeems us, rooted in the works of Shakespeare—with a little philosophy, physics, and cosmic horror thrown in, just for fun. (Available in print, ebook, and audiobook format everywhere books are sold!)

Rose generally uses Juno's decks when she reads tarot.

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