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Juno’s Cards

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Juno Lucina is the award-winning author...

...of The Healing Tarot deck (illustrated by Monica Knighton) as well as The Kingdom Within Tarot deck  and The Alchemy of Tarot book (both with illustrator Shannon ThornFeather).

Juno is an empress by design and a star by nature. Ever fluid and changing, Juno is more a verb than a noun, more an introduction than a conclusion. She wishes that All awaken from Vishnu's dream, to see the truth and embrace All That Is. Juno is just a Story pointing the Way.

Watch for Juno's new cartomancy project, an entirely new type of oracle deck, Frame This Oracle, with UK artist Dan Goodfellow. Coming October 2024.

In Roman mythology, Juno Lucina is the mother goddess who first opens a newborn's eyes to the light.