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The Kingdom & Alchemy of Tarot

Juno's 1st publication:

"I wish this would have been my first deck."

The Kingdom Within Tarot 

Deck illustrated by Shannon ThornFeather

Winner Outstanding Art on a Tarot Deck and One to Watch Female Illustrator: 2011 Pecto Awards by Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Sciences

Everything you need to read tarot right out of the box, no prior experience or psychic awareness required.

Remove spiritual blindfolds and illuminate mysteries of the soul through the visionary art and expansive interpretations of two adepts. With archetypal roots in every image—from the ancient systems of astrology to humanity's universal archetypes and sacred myths—this Tarot deck is crafted to help you reclaim your own personal truth. Not only a practical method of divination and practical for both beginners and experienced readers, The Kingdom Within Tarot is an accurate map to guide you in remembering and reawakening to the absolute and the divine, and ultimately restoring your own Kingdom Within.

Includes cards and book.

"Each and every single card in this deck is beautiful, whimsical colors, great scenes for each card, and the minor arcana have a picture depicting the scene."
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Juno’s 2nd publication:

“Informative read. Useful information. Quality of the pages is excellent. A must for Tarot readers.”

The Alchemy of Tarot:
Practical Enlightenment through the Astrology, Qabalah, and Archetypes of Tarot

Illustrated by Shannon ThornFeather

with Foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette

For those who want to dive deep and take the tarot beyond divination.

Unveil the mysteries of the Tarot by exploring the connection between the ancient systems of astrology and Qabalah, incorporating shared archetypes of humanity and basic myths that infuse our holy traditions. Through exploring fundamental interconnections, the author forms not only a practical method of divination to help you reclaim your own truth, but also an accurate map to guide you in remembering and reawakening to the absolute Truth, reclaiming yourself and your place within existence. This search has been the root of all great religions and philosophies throughout the ages, which describes humanity as asleep in a world unaware of spirit or real meaning. Use any standard tarot deck with this guide, to unlock these mysteries, to discover the Kingdom of Heaven, the Buddha Within, the City of Brahman, the Philosopher’s Stone…and to unearth the divine secrets that you’ve, too long, buried within.

“…a must reference for your library.”

Available in Ebook or Deluxe Paperback Formats

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